Astere behang

Atere is een van de merken die wij voeren bij MadeBySarina

Nieuwe creaties

First there were new wishes. It almost felt like an urge. The urge to take part, as many before us, to the orientation of one of the many ramifications of art.

Fortunately, the direction we wanted to give it was obvious to us. We longed to get closer to art not in the cold of the outside world but in the warmth of our home so that we could contemplate it in a more intimate setting, more private. There was a call too. A call to discover new artists, new imaginary worlds, and to share them.

This materialized by the creation of a new brand: Asteré.

Asteré invites contemporary artists to interpret their work through wallpaper creations. An intimate take on art, freed from galleries and greeted in our homes.